Photo clues

While sorting through another box of family belongings, I came across an old photo album. Continue reading Photo clues

Apple genealogy

If you live in Minnesota – or you love apples – you know what a Honeycrisp is. Developed at the University of Minnesota, the Honeycrisp apple is sweet and firm, just like its name. But what about its heritage? Continue reading Apple genealogy

Back to school

Are you starting to think about the kids going back to school? Maybe you should be making plans for yourself?

Continue reading Back to school

MyHeritage census records free this week

Do you have ancestors you can’t find in a particular census? Sometimes it’s helpful to query a different source. Continue reading MyHeritage census records free this week

Can you help?

The Irish Genealogical Society International (IGSI) is a volunteer organization dedicated to helping people discover their Irish heritage and ancestry.  Continue reading Can you help?

Vital Records Handbook

Newly published is a seventh edition of the International Vital Records Handbook by Thomas Jay Kemp. Continue reading Vital Records Handbook

Love-hate relationship with immigrants

“No Irish need apply,” was the message facing our immigrant ancestors when they looked for work in the U.S. Continue reading Love-hate relationship with immigrants

Grace and the Great Hunger

Looking for a late-summer read? Maybe some fiction for a change of pace? Continue reading Grace and the Great Hunger

Facts & myths about Irish research

Don’t forget the Minnesota Irish Fair this weekend, August 11-13! Continue reading Facts & myths about Irish research


Nicknamed ‘The City of Tribes’, Galway was home to 14 tribes of merchant families who led the city in its Hiberno-Norman period after c. 1450. Continue reading Galway