An E-mail Surprise

With houseguests this week, I’ve had only a little time to blog or research family history. Late yesterday I responded to an message from a woman in Sweden who was inquiring about someone who appeared in both our family trees. This morning I received an email back from her with more information. Continue reading An E-mail Surprise

The Irish in the Civil War

The Civil War was the deadliest war in U.S. history. About 625,000 soldiers died, which computes to roughly 2% of the U.S. population in 1860.

Writing for the National Library of Ireland (NLI) blog, Gavin Finlay suggests that the American Civil War was also one of the most significant conflicts in Irish history. Continue reading The Irish in the Civil War

IGSI Estate Records Indexes

During the (top-notch) Celtic Connections Conference last week, one of Kyle Betit’s presentations (also excellent) covered the topic of “Landed Estate Papers.”

I was surprised and pleased to see among his Powerpoint slides an image of my own blog post about IGSI’s estate indexes. Continue reading IGSI Estate Records Indexes

Dictionary of Irish Biography

The ultimate proof of “making it” in Ireland is an entry in the Dictionary of Irish Biography (also known as the DIB). Continue reading Dictionary of Irish Biography

Jessenland Irish Festival

Are you looking for something to do this weekend besides the Minnesota State Fair? How about taking in the Jessenland Irish Festival? Continue reading Jessenland Irish Festival

Mapping Migration in the United States

One of Dick Eastman’s blog readers tipped him off to a fascinating series of charts published last week in the New York Times. Continue reading Mapping Migration in the United States

At Bentley for Celtic Connections

I’ve arrived in Waltham, Massachusetts, and am looking forward to the Celtic Connections conference which begins tomorrow morning. I may be too busy and engaged with the subject matter for postings over the next few days, but watch out after that! I expect to get lots of ideas at the conference.


Changing County Boundaries

When you find your early ancestors listed in different censuses living in different counties, you may think they had the “pioneer itch” and were moving further west with each census. Continue reading Changing County Boundaries

Calling all Mahers

A must for anyone who bears the Maher/Meagher name! Available for the first time ever! Continue reading Calling all Mahers

Researching in Ireland

With thanks to the unknown author of the IGSI handout from the Irish Fair in St Paul, here are tips for “Discovering Your Irish Family History” through research in Ireland: Continue reading Researching in Ireland