End coming for FamilySearch microfilm

On September 1, 2017, FamilySearch will discontinue its microfilm distribution services. The last day to order microfilm will be August 31. Continue reading End coming for FamilySearch microfilm

Take a dip in Familysearch

“New FamilySearch enhanced civil registration collection holds enhanced detail,” says the Irish Genealogy News (IGN) headline. Continue reading Take a dip in Familysearch

Orphaned Irish-American finds his family

This posting is too late for Father’s Day, but a heartwarming story about coincidences appeared recently in the IrishCentral. Continue reading Orphaned Irish-American finds his family

Free Findmypast weekend

Findmypast is offering free access to its British and Irish records this weekend, June 22-26. Continue reading Free Findmypast weekend

CONNECTIONS: International. Cultural. Personal.

About 40% of the population of our five-state region (Minnesota, Wisconsin, Iowa, North and South Dakota) claims German ancestry. An exciting Germanic genealogy conference featuring an all-star line-up of presenters will be held in suburban Minneapolis July 28-30, 2017. Continue reading CONNECTIONS: International. Cultural. Personal.

History in the china cabinet

My husband Bill and I inherited a lot of stuff from our parents. ‘Inherit’ is probably not exactly the right word. It’s more like we became caretakers of family items our parents had received when their parents died. Continue reading History in the china cabinet

Black sheep in your family tree

Some people hesitate to begin searching their family history out of fear they may uncover embarrassing information. Others relish finding stories about scandals and scamps.  Continue reading Black sheep in your family tree

Tracing your Dublin Ancestors, 4th ed.

Flyleaf Press has announced a new edition of the book by James G. Ryan and Brian Smith:

Flyleaf Press will shortly publish a completely updated Edition of Tracing your Dublin Ancestors, a guide to all of the records available for tracing families in Dublin city and county, and how to find them and use them to trace your ancestry…It is well illustrated with useful maps; with examples of the types of records to be found; and with relevant background material. It also sketches the social history of the county and how this history has affected the keeping and survival of records. There is also a comprehensive index. This is the latest in a series of county guides published by Flyleaf Press. These include guides for Kildare, Limerick, Sligo, Galway, Cork, Clare, Westmeath, Kerry, Limerick, Roscommon, Mayo and Donegal.

Tracing your Dublin Ancestors – Fourth Edition

by James G Ryan and Brian Smith

ISBN: 978-1-907990-31-1

All the Flyleaf Press books can be purchased here: www.ancestornetwork.ie/flyleaf/.

 Amazon.com offers a pre-order of the new Fourth Edition for $27, with the release expected on July 3, 2017.  The Kindle edition can be purchased through Amazon for $16.50.

How many have your name?

There are 325,066,801 people in the U.S. How many have your name?

This website will tell you: http://howmanyofme.com/.

The site makes no claim to scientific accuracy and states, “All numbers based on statistical and demographic from U.S. Census Bureau. For entertainment purposes only.”

Thanks to Dick Eastman’s blog for this bit of fun.

Another DNA test discount for Father’s Day

MyHeritage has announced a special price on its DNA test: $69, 30% less than the regular price of $99. The $69 pricing ends June 19th. Continue reading Another DNA test discount for Father’s Day