DNA Day 2015

DNA Day 2015 is here! Continue reading DNA Day 2015

“To dear old Scotland with my Ain Folk”

Here’s a delightful step back in time, sent to IGSI courtesy of our friend Brian Mitchell. You can feel the excitement (if not hear the crowds) in the little video showing the Scottish Americans returning to Glasgow for a visit:

Anchor Line Express Service

The Anchor Line, from 1866 right through to 1939, operated its ‘American Express Passenger Service’ from Derry to New York. Their liners called at Moville, in the deeper waters of Lough Foyle, some 18 miles downstream from Londonderry, to pick up emigrants who were ferried from Derry in paddle tenders.

In those days Derry (like Shannon and Dublin today) was the hub of a transatlantic tourist trade.

For example, on Thursday 26 July 1928, Anchor Liners Transylvania and Caledonia arrived from New York and Boston within one hour of each other in Lough Foyle, bringing 2,400 Scottish Clansmen from America, destined for Glasgow, and a further party of 500 American tourists who disembarked to begin their holiday ‘to see the scenic beauties of the Emerald Isle.’

The Anchor Line’s tender Seamore ‘left Londonderry for Moville early in the day with a large party of officials, cinema, and Pressmen to meet the liners’ and ‘welcomed the clansmen in true Scottish style to accompaniment of pipes.’ One of the returning Clansmen was a brother of Sir Harry Lauder.

British Pathé video (duration 1 minute 7 seconds, no sound), dated 30 July 1928, survives of the returning ‘Scotch American clansmen’ on board the Caledonia, berthed in Glasgow, with title ‘“To dear old Scotland with my Ain Folk!” – Rousing reception at welcome home to 2,400 Scotch American Clansmen’ at www.britishpathe.com/video/to-dear-old-scotland-with-my-ain-folk/query/CROWDS

Did you see your Scottish-American ancestor in the crowd?

“Final Voyage of Ill-Fated Lusitania”

Well-known genealogist Brian Mitchell has shared a link to his story about his father’s cousin, Walter Dawson Mitchell, who drowned nearly 100 years ago when the RMS Lusitania was torpedoed by a German submarine. Continue reading “Final Voyage of Ill-Fated Lusitania”

Did your ancestors pass through Indiana?

The Indiana Genealogical Society (IGS) now has more than 1500 databases on its website.  These databases are from all 92 counties, plus numerous statewide collections; some are available to the public and some are limited to IGS members. Continue reading Did your ancestors pass through Indiana?

Irish immigrant sculpture

One of our faithful blog readers sent a link to the website of a local plant nursery. Yes, it’s the time of year when Minnesotans’ hearts turn to horticulture and they find themselves shopping for yet another daylily or hosta for their backyard. Continue reading Irish immigrant sculpture

IGSI featured in “Townland” blog

Today in his “Townland of Origin” blog, Joe Buggy writes about Irish Genealogical Society International (IGSI), “one of the three largest Irish genealogy societies in the U.S.”

Very nice coverage, Joe. Thank you!

Read what he says about IGSI here: www.townlandoforigin.com/

Only a few spots left on IGSI’s Ireland Tour

Irish Genealogical Society International (IGSI) is sponsoring a trip to Ireland, combining time for family research with a motor coach tour of the Green Isle. Only a few spots remain available on the September 13-23 trip. Continue reading Only a few spots left on IGSI’s Ireland Tour

New RC baptismal records

The Ulster Historical Foundation has added almost 9000 new Catholic baptismal records from three Belfast churches. Continue reading New RC baptismal records

Free Weekend for Ancestry immigration records

Ancestry.com is offering a free weekend of access to their immigration records. If you don’t have an Ancestry subscription, now is the time to research! Continue reading Free Weekend for Ancestry immigration records

MGS Spring Conference

The Minnesota Genealogical Society (MGS) Spring Conference is only about 10 days away, but there’s still time to register. Continue reading MGS Spring Conference