Another DNA test discount for Father’s Day

MyHeritage has announced a special price on its DNA test: $69, 30% less than the regular price of $99. The $69 pricing ends June 19th.


Webinar about choosing the right DNA test

The New England Historic Genealogical Society (NEHGS) is sponsoring a free webinar on “Choosing a DNA Test for Family History Research.”

The live broadcast will be Thursday, June 15, from 2-3 pm CDT, but you can watch a recording of the presentation on the website later.

Here’s a description of the webinar:

Curious about your […]

DNA tests on sale for Father’s Day

Have you been putting off a DNA test, waiting for discounted pricing? Both Ancestry DNA and FamilyTree DNA have announced specials to celebrate Father’s Day.


Latest issue of Irish Roots Magazine

The 2017 Second Quarter issue of Irish Roots Magazine arrived by email this week. Another fact-filled edition!


Special on FTDNA Autosomal

Discover your ancestral origins and connect with others who share your DNA.

Complete listing of DNA Day specials

DNA blogger CeCe Moore posted a complete listing of DNA Day 2017 sales in “Your Genetic Genealogist”:


National DNA Day, April 25, commemorates the completion of the Human Genome Project in April 2003 and the discovery of DNA’s double helix in 1953.


DNA surname project update

Since 2008 when we submitted a FamilyTree y-DNA test kit, my husband Bill has been part of the FTDNA Hickey surname project.


DNA of the Milesians

My husband and I continue our escape from Minnesota winter in Spain. Our time here has prompted me to reconsider some old news regarding genealogical connections between Spain and Ireland.


FTDNA Family Finder results

The report from my Family Tree DNA (FTDNA) autosomal test arrived in an email announcing “New Family Finder Results.” The message went on to explain: