Complete listing of DNA Day specials

DNA blogger CeCe Moore posted a complete listing of DNA Day 2017 sales in “Your Genetic Genealogist”:


National DNA Day, April 25, commemorates the completion of the Human Genome Project in April 2003 and the discovery of DNA’s double helix in 1953.


DNA surname project update

Since 2008 when we submitted a FamilyTree y-DNA test kit, my husband Bill has been part of the FTDNA Hickey surname project.


DNA of the Milesians

My husband and I continue our escape from Minnesota winter in Spain. Our time here has prompted me to reconsider some old news regarding genealogical connections between Spain and Ireland.


FTDNA Family Finder results

The report from my Family Tree DNA (FTDNA) autosomal test arrived in an email announcing “New Family Finder Results.” The message went on to explain:


Family Tree DNA holiday sale

The annual Family Tree DNA holiday sale has begun. Their full line of DNA testing kits has been discounted.

DNA will tell

I heard an intriguing story the other day about DNA test results. I’m enjoying a long weekend in Chicago, but the story remains on my mind.

A friend submitted a DNA test kit for her 80-year-old-plus father. When potential matches began to appear, she was puzzled. This was not the family she expected to find. […]

DNA is genealogy superstar

The announcement of Maurice Gleeson as gold-award winner in the 2016 Superstar Genealogist poll sent me googling for more details about him.


Family Finder DNA Test

Have you received the results of your FTDNA Family Finder test and don’t fully understand what they mean?


DNA and its great implications

Nearly every day for the past two months, newspapers here in Minnesota have carried headlines about the unexpected death of Prince and subsequent claims by alleged heirs to his estate, estimated at $100-$300 million.