New IGSI website to go live next month

Today brings the end of an old year; coming in early 2018 will be the new IGSI website!


Back to blogging

Has the blog editor been on vacation? Is that why there have been no postings for a week?


More Catholic parish records on microfilm

Our series will continue with publication of additional Minnesota church records. However we’ve discovered a few of our microfilm reels may contain more information than the labels indicate. We’re double-checking to make sure our index is complete.

More postings to follow in coming days.

No hablo espanol

Bill and I have arrived in Madrid for our latest winter adventure. We will be visiting Spain, Morocco and Portugal. As the title of this posting states, we don’t speak Spanish/Castilian – or Arabic or Portugese. Hence our expectation there will be adventures.


Stuck in airplane mode

Our main laptop was apparently infected with a virus and had to be taken to the shop. It’s stuck in airplane mode and can’t pick up wi-fi.

Blog goes quiet for a few days

As you read this, I’ll be completing a to-do item on my bucket list. I’m attending the DAR Continental Congress in Washington, D.C.

Gone fishing?

I picture a “Gone Fishing” sign on my blog, but that’s not where I am.

Are we faster now?

Late last week our blog was moved to a new server, which we hope will make it easier and faster for you to access.

The slow response had been mostly invisible to me. If you see an improvement after the recent changes, let me know. Conversely, if you have any problems or questions, feel free […]

Greetings from Edinburgh, Scotland

Postings may occur here somewhat irregularly over the next weeks. Bill and I have begun our tour of Scotland and Ireland.


Four years!

Four years ago today my first blog posting appeared on this site. What they say is true: time flies when you’re having fun!