Orphaned Irish-American finds his family

This posting is too late for Father’s Day, but a heartwarming story about coincidences appeared recently in the IrishCentral.


History in the china cabinet

My husband Bill and I inherited a lot of stuff from our parents. ‘Inherit’ is probably not exactly the right word. It’s more like we became caretakers of family items our parents had received when their parents died.


Black sheep in your family tree

Some people hesitate to begin searching their family history out of fear they may uncover embarrassing information. Others relish finding stories about scandals and scamps.


Sibley family

For several years I’ve been involved in attempts to restore a monument honoring “Minnesota Pioneer Women, 1840-1860,” located on the grounds of the Sibley Historic Site in Mendota, MN.


Pesky hand-writing

A New Zealand blog-reader asked us for assistance in interpreting his great-grandfather’s marriage record.


Written records can be wrong

The latest Irish Family History Centre’s newsletter contained an article that made me stop and think.

Happy Mother’s Day to Queen June

A great Mother’s Day story appeared in the Chicago Sun Times.

Historical U.S. county boundary maps

As I researched my Revolutionary-era ancestors through multiple Pennsylvania counties, I thought they kept migrating west. From Lancaster County to Cumberland County to Bedford County to Westmoreland County. Turns out the county boundary lines moved more often than my ancestors.


Help from the Hutterites

A visit to my old home in South Dakota last week was particularly bittersweet.


Orphaned photographs

Old pictures are what motivated me to start family history research.