The pirate queen of Ireland

Have you ever wished you knew more about Grace O’Malley, the pirate queen of Ireland?


A Scarry Halloween

Yes, I know the proper spelling for “scary,” the synonym of frightening. It’s just an eerie coincidence that today I encountered the name “Scarry” in the 1860 U.S. Federal Census.



A week ago we posted a request for help in deciphering a surname on a death certificate.


Can you decipher this name?

One of our readers has been dealing with a mystery, and you may be able to help.


Second cousins discovered after 70+ years

Tomorrow is opening day of the South Dakota pheasant-hunting season so we’re here in my hometown for a few days. This morning – over a leisurely cup of coffee – we watched a heartwarming TV segment on the CBS morning news program.


DNA will tell

I heard an intriguing story the other day about DNA test results. I’m enjoying a long weekend in Chicago, but the story remains on my mind.

A friend submitted a DNA test kit for her 80-year-old-plus father. When potential matches began to appear, she was puzzled. This was not the family she expected to find. […]

Newspaper stories from the 1830s

Researching old newspapers is fascinating, and the snippets one finds can send you on time-consuming side-trips.


Mary and Charley?

An oval, framed photograph found in the attic of my husband’s boyhood home remains a mystery to us. Every once in a while I take it out and try by force of will to get the picture to disclose who the people are.


Read the Ginealis

Have you read the September/October issue of the Ginealis e-Newsletter?


Success with a new source

KC shared the following success story/advice after being motivated by presentations at the recent Celtic Connections Conference. Here’s KC’s story:

I’m a Boston member who joined IGSI at the first Celtic Connections Conference two years ago. I have all New York City Irish and had gotten nowhere looking for places of origin in Ireland. I […]