Get the most out of FamilySearch

With the upcoming Fourth of July holiday weekend, it’s not too early to start thinking about Irish Saturday, July 9, 2017. Irish Genealogical Society Intl (IGSI) sponsors classes and volunteer research assistance on the second Saturday (of most months).


Take a dip in Familysearch

“New FamilySearch enhanced civil registration collection holds enhanced detail,” says the Irish Genealogy News (IGN) headline.


Free Findmypast weekend

Findmypast is offering free access to its British and Irish records this weekend, June 22-26.

Black sheep in your family tree

Some people hesitate to begin searching their family history out of fear they may uncover embarrassing information. Others relish finding stories about scandals and scamps.


Irish Census substitutes

Have you exhausted all possibilities for finding your ancestors in 19th century Irish records? Maybe not.

Goodby to the Ancestry Insider

A faithful blogger has put down his virtual pen and paper. The Ancestry Insider – “unofficial and unauthorized” commenter on and – announced the end of his online newsletter last week.


Poor Law Union removals from England blogs can be regular sources of historic context about their records. Today’s Ancestry UK posting is an excellent example.


Buried in Fingal

A new database was launched last week which includes searchable details for 65,000 people buried in the Fingal area, north of Dublin.

Finding your Pennsylvania ancestors

“Millions of Americans have ancestors who lived in Pennsylvania at some point in their lives. Prominent groups of immigrants who settled in Pennsylvania include Germans, Irish, African-Americans, Italians, Swiss, Dutch and Chinese. “


“named” by Public Profiler

How we love to track surnames! A website developed by geographers at the University College London (UCL) is another tool for finding where in the UK your ancestors migrated (or stayed).