The Best Things in Life Are Free

This idiom isn’t always true, of course, but it’s a pleasant surprise when one “gets something for nothing”.

If you haven’t already done so, take a look at  the Genealogical Society of Ireland’s website:

On their home page are links to recent and archived issues of the Society’s monthly publication, Ireland’s Genealogical Gazette.  What a fascinating mix of articles! You’ll find Irish history, genealogy, politics, book reviews, and more. And you can download them for free!! 

  • The July issue included a “précis” of a genealogist’s lecture on “Irish Online Sources”.  In it, brief descriptions were provided for many (free!) Irish websites. (Though I guessed at the meaning of the word “précis”, I looked it up. Pronounced “pray-see”,  it means summary or abridgement. A “précis” of the prior month’s lecture appears in each issue of the Gazette.)
  • The June issue announced the launching of the “Munster Landed Estates Database (circa 1790-1914)”, supplementing a similar database for Connacht launched three years ago. Both databases are searchable (and free!) at More information is available there about the landlords shown in Griffith’s Valuation, including maps and other visual resources. You can research by the name of the Estate, the Family, or the House. This database probably deserves its own blog on a later day!
  • The two most recent issues of Ireland’s Genealogical Gazette also had illuminating articles about DNA and genealogy.

I will definitely read the Gazette every month for the latest news about family history research in Ireland.

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