Blogging in September

August was a busy month for me; consequently, I didn’t blog very often. September postings could be even more infrequent. Later today my husband Bill and I fly to Hamburg to begin our adventure through northern Germany, Denmark, Sweden, Finland and Norway.

In northern Germany, we’ll meet with a half-second cousin on my father’s side. This line of the family was unknown to me until late May. Very exciting!

Bill’s maternal grandparents were born in Sweden, about 500 miles apart. They didn’t meet until both had emigrated to Minnesota. We’ll have a rental car for the week we’re traveling in Sweden, and I have tentative leads to distant relatives there. At a minimum, we’ll see the places where his Swedish ancestors lived.

I’ll blog as I have opportunity.

Which brings me to a related subject: Do you have stories about your family history or research ideas you’d like to share with other readers on this site? You could be a guest blogger. Feel free to send me an email message and/or Word file at:  I’d love to hear from you!


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