Compliments about The Septs

The Septs is the quarterly journal of the Irish Genealogical Society International (IGSI). It is one of the primary benefits of IGSI membership and is published in January, April, July and October.

We often receive positive feedback about The Septs from our members. Just last month, two individuals who were renewing their memberships each added a donation to their dues check, which we appreciate very much.

One of these members, who lives in North Carolina, initially joined IGSI after seeing The Septs in a library in Florida.

Another member, who lives in California, wrote:

I must say that I truly enjoy reading The Septs from cover to cover. I always find a little tidbit that helps me in my research. I wish I lived closer to attend some of your seminars, as they all look so interesting.

We thank our members for their support through payment of dues and extra donations.

Here are IGSI membership categories:

General Membership – $30

Dual Membership – $40 (two people in the same household)

International Membership – $40

Electronic Membership – $25

U.S. and International membership receive a print copy of the journal through the mail. Those with Electronic memberships receive the journal electronically.

Dual members receive one print copy of The Septs; however, both can use the MGS library without charge and attend IGSI classes at the lower member rate.

To join IGSI, click here:

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