Are You Ready to Research in Irish Records?

Are You Ready to Research in Irish Records?” is the title of an article written by J.H “Jay” Fonkert and published in the April 2014 issue of The Septs, which is the quarterly journal of the Irish Genealogical Society Intl (IGSI).

The theme of the April 2014 issue was 20th Century Irish History. In addition to Fonkert’s helpful guidance on Irish research, the journal included several meaty articles on the subject of Irish history:

  • Ireland in the 1900s: Tempestuous Times by Kathleen O’Malley Strickland
  • A Briefest of Looks at 20th Century Irish History by Tom Rice
  • The Master and Education in 20th Century Ireland by John Cunningham
  • Northern Ireland from 1920 to the Present by John Cunningham

And that’s not all! The April issue was packed with “News and Reports” articles on a variety of Irish/genealogy topics. Seventy pages of good reading!

If you’re currently an IGSI member, all this is old news. You either received your April copy of The Septs in the mail (regular membership) or accessed it online (electronic membership). As a member, you can review all past issues of The Septs on the IGSI website ( at any time.

You certainly won’t want to miss the upcoming issue, the theme of which is 20th Century Irish Records.

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