Flyttningsbevis Translated

Swedish friends who were our houseguests this week kindly translated the Flyttningsbevis that belonged to my husband’s maternal grandfather, Andrew Ellison. Flyttningsbevis was a form of permission prepared by the pastor of the Swedish church allowing an individual to move away from the parish. 

You may have already read the series of postings about the family history items I found last month in a metal box in our basement. If not, you can query WITB (for “What’s in the box?”) to find my stories, including what I learned about Swedish exit permits.

05-19-2014 12;51;10PMHere’s how Ingrid and Maria translated the information on Anders’ Flyttningsbevis:

Farm helper Anders Ludvig Eliasson from Carlsberg (a farm in Svenljunga). born 9 May 1865 in Refvesjo parish in Elfsborgs County, is free and available for marriage and emigration.

He has been vaccinated for smallpox. He is good at reading. He has a good knowledge of Christian religion and has taken Holy Communion. He is trustworthy.

He has completed the second year of military duty as of 19 August 1887 (noting the name of the military officer who gave the information).

He will move to North America before next year’s census.

Svenljunga is confirmed as his home parish. The permit is signed by the priest, V. H Strom, on 12 September 1887.

The form was stamped by the police office in Gothenburg, which is the city from which Anders emigrated.

Preprinted on the reverse of the form were regulations regarding the flyttningsbevis. Here’s a short version:

When moving into another parish, one has to hand in an exit permission within 14 days.

The farmer was responsible for handing in the permission if the helper (employee) hasn’t done so within 14 days. If the permission was not handed in by the deadline, the farmer had to pay 2 kronor and 50 ore (about 1 dollar and 25 cents).

The individual who moves from one parish to another is required to show the form (showing one’s permission) to leave to the priest of the new parish. 


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