“Enhanced” indexes to Ireland’s Civil records now online

In an earlier blog I posted about the planned launch of “enhanced” indexes to Ireland’s civil registration records. On July 3 CIGO (Council of Irish Genealogical Organisations) delivered on its promise, and here’s the link to the new Civil Record database:  http://www.irishgenealogy.ie/en/.

The following comes from a CIGO news release:

The index entries in the database are “enhanced” because they note more information than those currently available in the GRO’s Public Search Room or those that were microfilmed by the Church of Latter Day Saints in 1959 (and which are now available through FamilySearch.org, Ancestry.com and Findmypast.ie)…

However, a word of caution, on Social Media sites some queries have been raised about the new database and its accuracy. Particularly, this has been where in the original hardcopy indexes a birth, marriage or death entry noted more than one first name. In the new online database only the first name appears and this is a big drawback where a researcher is trying to identify one possible record from among many with the same name (Mary Murphy for instance)…

On a happier note, even more exciting news is… (the announced intention) to allow the publication online of “historic”civil registration records… (including) birth records registered more than 100 years old, marriages more than 75 years ago and deaths more than 50 years.

As usual, blogger Claire Santry of Irish Genealogy News provides ongoing and up-to-date commentary on the enhanced indexes at: http://irish-genealogy-news.blogspot.com/

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