Stories from the NLI blog

Describing their blog the National Library of Ireland (NLI) says, “We have quite a few stories to share…not to mention a few million books, maps, photographs, manuscripts, diaries, letters, prints, drawings, and a wonderfully eclectic range of ephemera…People are at the centre of our stories…In our blog we’ll bring you behind the scenes…”

The blog home page can be accessed at:

An article about the Irish Bulletin newspaper is the latest in a series of blog postings about the library’s Newspaper Database. The Irish Bulletin was published between November 1919 and December 1921. Its goal was to place news of the Irish Republican Army in foreign newspapers. You can search NLI’s newspaper database at:

Another recent blog article describes archiving a collection of postcard photos taken by John Hinde and other Hinde Studio photographers between 1957 and 1962. The Hinde collection promoted Irish tourism and created an idealized view of Ireland. The Hinde Studio created what has been described as “an impossibly sunlit Ireland, dotted with red-haired kids in shawls, thatched cottages, jaunting cars, donkeys, lupin-fringed lakes: over lit landscapes of idealized rustic beauty and vivid fruit-flavoured colours.”

The description certainly makes one want to look closely at the picture postcards reproduced in the blog article.

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