The Irish in Pennsylvania – and more

The January/February 2015 issue of Irish Lives Remembered is packed with articles of interest for anyone who’s “into” Irish genealogy. The latest edition highlights County Down, the north island of New Zealand, and the Irish in Pennsylvania – plus lots more. You can read it online (or download the PDF) at

I was particularly interested in Joe Buggy’s article about “Tracing the Irish in Pennsylvania.” Here are a few points from his article that were news to me:

  • Philadelphia was the biggest U.S. port of immigration until about 1830, when New York assumed the #1 position.
  • Up to the late 1820s most of the immigrants from Ireland were Ulster Protestants who sailed to Philadelphia.
  • After 1830 the change swung toward a majority of Catholics from the rest of Ireland coming to New York.
  • Buggy cites an important resource on the subject,  An Alphabetical Index to Ulster Immigration to Philadelphia by Raymond Adams (1992, Genealogical Publishing). Note: I find the book, An Alphabetical Index to Ulster Emigration by Raymond Adams, is in the Irish collection at the Minnesota Genealogical Society library.
  • (As we know too well) the Irish county of origin is rarely found in U.S. Federal Census records. However, Buggy writes about an exception: the 1870 census for Ward 12 in the city of Scranton, enumerated by a census official named William Carlin who included the county of birth for the first 65 pages of the 110 he recorded. What a gift!

There’s always something to learn in Irish Lives Remembered, and it’s free!


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