IGSI rated among “Top 5″!

This is exciting news. Findmypast, in partnership with Irish Central, put together their top five “must see” research centers in the United States, and Irish Genealogical Society International (IGSI) made the list!

Read about the best places to research Irish family history at http://www.irishcentral.com/roots/Top-5-irish-american-research-centers.html.

But you know what? You don’t actually have to visit St Paul, Minnesota, to take advantage of what IGSI can do for you!

As an IGSI member, you will

  1. receive our quarterly award-winning journal, The Septs, and its helpful articles written by experts on Irish genealogy;
  2. enjoy our bi-monthly Genealis eNewsletter with its timely tips and articles;
  3. access the members-only section of the IGSI website, http://www.irishgenealogical.org/. As an example, members can read all previous editions of The Septs online;
  4. get in-depth research assistance at nominal cost ($15 per hour for IGSI members);
  5. receive regular e-mails about classes and tours.

What does it cost to become an IGSI member? As little as

  • $25 per year for an electronic membership,
  • $30 per year for a general membership (receiving The Septs by regular mail),
  • $40 per year for a dual (U.S.) membership,
  • $40 per year if you live outside the U.S. (and want to receive The Septs by mail).

If you live in the Minneapolis/St Paul area, you’ll receive the additional benefits of using the Irish Collection at the Minnesota Genealogical Society (MGS) library at no cost and getting a discount on IGSI classes.

For more information about IGSI membership, click here: http://www.irishgenealogical.org/page/join.


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