Write for The Septs

If you’re a member of Irish Genealogical Society Intl (IGSI), you receive the quarterly journal, The Septs, and you already know each issue has a specific theme. Themes for upcoming issues include:

2015 – April – Scots Irish

When and why they entered Ireland; why they left; information on Scots Irish in the Colonies. How to study the Scots Irish in the U.S. and Ireland. Deadline for articles: February 1, 2015.

2015 – July – Diaspora Revisited

Today, many more Irish live outside of the Emerald Island than on it. We seek articles about the reasons for the dispersal, the Irish in their new homelands, or how to trace them back to Ireland. Deadline for articles: May 1, 2015.

2015 – October – Green Genes (DNA)

The principles of DNA, Irish family case studies, info on modern Irish groups and use of DNA. Deadline for articles: August 1, 2015.

2016 – January – Irish Surnames and Given Names

History, derivation and meanings of names; information on nicknames, names specific to locales, and resources. Deadline for articles: November 1, 2015.

Research articles on the theme of the issue should be 1500-3000 words.

Issues may also include articles on topics unrelated to the theme, e.g., family stories submitted by IGSI members. The recommended length for these articles is 750-1500 words.

Anyone interested in writing an article for The Septs should contact the Managing Editor at SeptsMnged@IrishGenealogical.org.

Wouldn’t it be satisfying  to see your name in a byline?


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