Irish Family History Day

Today, January 23, is Irish Family History Day at  I just viewed part of a webinar with Irish genealogy expert Brian Donovan advising how to get started with Irish research and describing Findmypast records.

Here’s a really special offer: New and lapsed subscribers to Findmypast can sign up for a one-month World subscription for only $5/5 Euros. (How long has it been since 1 Euro = $1?) Use the code IRISH15. The offer is good until midnight GMT, Tuesday, January 27. That’s 6 pm CST.

Findmypast has been releasing new records each week on Friday. In further celebration of Irish Family History Day, Findmypast has today released 7 million new records. Perhaps the most significant are the Irish Poverty Relief Records and the Clare Electoral Registers.

Irish Poverty Relief Records 1821-1874

The Irish Reproductive Loan Fund was set up in 1824 to provide small loans to the ‘industrious poor.’ Records were maintained by the National Archives at Kew, London. The majority of the 700,000 records cover the ten counties of Munster and Connacht and the years 1824-1848.

This is the first time the full set of records has been made available online. Many of the records are loan application forms showing the name of the borrower and the names of two guarantors (usually family members or neighbors) plus occupation, notes about health or family circumstances, and whether the borrower emigrated.

Clare Electoral Registers 1858-1989

Individuals who owned or leased property had the right to vote  in Ireland. (Requirements varied for male vs. female property owners.) Today Findmypast released 311,000 County Clare electoral records (both an image and transcript of the original document) showing name, address, Barony, etc.

Other Additions

More newspapers (10 new titles and 1 million new articles) have been added to Findmypast’s collection.

Ireland marriages (1619-1898) comes to Findmypast from FamilySearch. This is a limited, somewhat random collection of marriage data.

Enhancements have been made for searching the 1911 Irish Census, which is free by the way. Findmypast is also a source for census fragments for 1821-1851.

All in all, I think it’s a bargain for $5. Check it out at

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