New Derry databases online

Brian Mitchell continues to work painstakingly to make more Irish genealogy records available. His latest databases have been uploaded – in partnership with the Derry City Council – to Rootsireland.

Here are brief descriptions of the new census substitutes:

  1. The 1628 Rent Roll of Londonderry (153 leaseholders);
  2. Defenders of Derry during the 1641 rebellion (90 officers and 815 soldiers);
  3. Willamite supporters, 1689-1691 (1660 names);
  4. Derry petition signers, 1696 (226 citizens);
  5. Leaseholders in the Walled City, 1738 (110 names);
  6. Jailed “criminals” awaiting transport to Australia, 1839-1856 (191 men and women);
  7. Derry Almanac “heads of household”, 1921 (8367 householders).

Detailed information about the history and contents of these records can be found in this Derry Journal article:

Paper documents exist but how long it would take to find them! And at what great cost!

Rootsireland records cover all of Ireland, not just Derry. Rootsireland is now solely a subscription-based service. One can subscribe for 1 month, 6 months or 12 months; a one-month membership costs $28 (US). Check it out:


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