March-April eNewsletter

The March-April, 2015 issue of IGSI’s Ginealss eNewsletter is available.

This newsy publication supplements IGSI’s quarterly journal and is published bi-monthly, which allows it to provide timely announcements of genealogical goings-on. Editor Gregory Winters makes sure every issue is mega-interesting. Like The Septs, current and prior issues of Ginealas can be viewed anytime (by IGSI members) at

When visiting the Irish Genealogical Society International website, click on ‘IGSI Offerings.’ That’s where you’ll find Ginealas and The Septs (as well as information about the library collection and the process for requesting Irish research help, among other topics).

Feeling left out because you can’t access the eNewsletter or journal? That’s easy to fix. Click ‘Join’ under ‘IGSI Offerings’ and choose among several membership options:

  1. General memberships are $30/year. (You’ll receive quarterly issues of The Septs by mail.)
  2. Electronic memberships are $25/year. (You can read The Septs online.)
  3. Dual memberships are $40/year.
  4. If you live outside the U.S., you can be an International member ($40/year and receive The Septs by mail) or an Electronic member ($25/year).

Don’t miss any of the tips and announcements in the current Ginealas. Join IGSI now:

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