Surname Search on Irish Ancestors

John Grenham created – and continues to enhance – the excellent “Irish Ancestors” genealogy package on the Irish Times website. Grenham also writes a weekly blog which is a Monday highlight for me.

Today’s posting describes his recent activities: “I’ve spent most of the past few weeks with my snout down, tail in the air, happily rooting through the General Registration Office indexes on” What a picture he paints!

Grenham goes on to explain the various types of transcription errors he’s seen, as well as what he’s done about it. He mapped the six million births from 1864-1913 by surname against the 136 Superintendent Registrars’ Districts (civil registration districts). A summary of this data can now be viewed at

Not only is it amazing to see the visual representation of where a surname is located, surrounding the map are more handy pieces of information about the name.

Clicking further may require payment, but you can have hours of free entertainment and edification with Grenham’s new-and-improved Surname Search.

The full text of Grenham’s May 18 blog posting can be read here:


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