Books at 50% off

For many years the Irish Genealogical Society International (IGSI) has maintained an online bookstore. Times have changed, and other sources are now in a better position to provide this service. We are offering our remaining book inventory at 50%-off its regular selling price. You could benefit!

Many of the books being offered for sale are out-of-print and not to be found anywhere else. In some cases only 1-2 copies remain in inventory. IGSI members have already had an opportunity to purchase at these liquidation prices so some stock has been sold out and the books deleted from bookstore listing. A few other items (e.g., publications with IGSI copyrights) are offered at regular prices.

Shop online at the IGSI bookstore:

We accept payment by PayPal. Shipping is reasonable; the first item costs $4.60 with each additional item adding $.50.

Prices on the IGSI’s journal, The Septs, have not been reduced on the bookstore website. Note that IGSI membership includes free online access to all issues of The Septs. (You can become a member for as little as $25 per year – a very good deal!) However, if you truly wish to acquire paper copies of the journal, the price is negotiable on old issues. Contact if you have questions about any of the items offered for sale.


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