WWII POW records and 75% off Findmypast!

Labor Day weekend is certainly a time for discounts! The Findmypast Friday special offer is 75% off a World subscription!

Read about it here: http://blog.findmypast.com/2015/wwii-prisoners-of-war-records-published-online-for-the-1st-time-on-70th-anniversary/?_ga=1.253583049.137893787.1441381206

I succumbed – not just because of the bargain price but because I wanted to see more about the new WWII Prisoner of War records. Here’s a portion of the recent Findmypast press release:

This week’s special Findmypast Friday marks the release of one million records of service men, women and civilians who were taken captive during World War II.

The publication, in association with The National Archives, marks the 70th anniversary of the end of World War II on all fronts on 2 September and the anniversary on 5 September of the liberation of the notorious Changi Prison Camp…

My father, George C. Henrichsen, was held as a POW by the Germans during WWII. The Findmypast record confirms this fact but is incomplete; it shows only the day and year reported (“27″ of “1944”) with no month.

This is the record entry for him under “Camps”: Stalag 7a Moosburg Bavaria 48-12 (Work Camps 3324-46 Krumbachstrasse 48011, Work Camp 3368 Munich 48-11).

In 2002 I visited Stalag VIIA near Moosburg and saw the remains of the prison camp. My dad, who died in 1989, rarely talked about the war at all.

Various documents I’ve found indicate he spent the last nine months of WWII as a POW. A letter written to my grandmother by Dad’s platoon leader, S/Sgt Wm. Templin, explained that Dad was driving a jeep for Templin and their radio operator on 27 July 1944 when all three were captured. They were separated by the Germans and sent to different POW camps. Sure enough, the Findmypast record for Templin shows a capture date of 27 July 1944 and that he was held at Stalag 3c Alt Drewitz, Brandenburg Prussia 52-14.

The Findmypast Friday publicity indicates more records may be available for specific prison camps. I applaud their efforts to make POW records available.


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