U.S. family restores County Donegal pub

After seeing so many small Irish towns through the windows of a bus, an IrishCentral article caught my attention.

Michele McGranaghan Pabon tells about the Tirconaill House pub in Raphoe, County Donegal, which had been run by her paternal grandmother. Her father, Hugh McGranaghan, emigrated to the U.S. and apparently did quite well operating his bar in Elmhurst, NY. He also passed along to his four children an appreciation for Ireland and their cultural heritage. That’s why after his death, the children took on the gargantuan job of restoring properties in County Donegal.

Great photos and heartwarming story – read it here: www.irishcentral.com/culture/Irish-American-family-saves-their-ancestors-pub-in-Ireland-PHOTOS.html


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