An 1840 Ohio will

Last Saturday was fire-arms deer opener in Minnesota. If you follow this blog, you know my husband Bill is an avid hunter. That means he was in the woods and I was free of all domestic responsibilities for the weekend.

007642286_00287So what did I do with the time I wasn’t spending in the kitchen or working on family projects? For a few hours I revisited my family history, specifically the line of my paternal grandmother. While looking at my 3X great-grandparents, I made an exciting discovery. Well, maybe “exciting” over-states the emotion a bit, but you know what I mean.

One of the new record collections published by Ancestry during 2015 was “Ohio, Wills and Probate Records, 1786-1998.” Among those documents was the will of my 3x great-grandfather, Henry Aimes, prepared 9 March 1840. He died 2 June 1840, just a couple weeks before his 74th birthday.

In his will, Henry leaves his 140-acre farm in Harrison County, Ohio, to his wife, Margaret, for her “natural life, or as long as she remains my widow.” After that, the farm was to be sold “for a fair compensation” and 1/12th of the proceeds to be distributed to each of his children. The will then lists his 12 children! A gold mine!

The married surnames of his daughters are shown. One daughter pre-deceased Henry, and her 1/12th was to be shared equally by her children. Three daughters married men with the surname Swigert; I haven’t dug into the records enough to determine if they were brothers or cousins.

It was a joy to find a definitive record of my 2x great-grandmother’s siblings. And a reminder that one should periodically circle back and re-check sources for new items/collections.

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