Specials on DNA testing – beware!

If you’ve been thinking about purchasing a DNA test, now’s the time to act. Traditionally the major DNA testing companies offer specials around the holidays.

I googled to see what type of discounts might be available and found online coupons/groupons for AncestrybyDNA testing services. Hmm – this isn’t exactly one of the brand names I expected to find.

And then I happened upon CeCe Moore’s blog on that very subject. Moore is a highly-respected DNA genealogist who writes with us non-scientists in mind. Her November 18th posting announces the filing of a trademark infringement case by Ancestry.com against DNA Diagnostic Center (DDC), the company marketing “AncestrybyDNA.”

Yes, it appears many have been confused by the similarity in brand names – and then disappointed when they received their DNA test results from AncestrybyDNA. Another testing service marketed by DDC was ConnectMyDNA, which produced less-than-robust test results, too. One not only runs the risk of wasting money by testing with a non-reputable company, there’s also the chance you won’t have an opportunity to get another sample from the tested individual.

You can read Moore’s complete blog posting (and interesting reader comments) here: www.yourgeneticgenealogist.com/2015/11/ancestrycom-files-trademark-case.html

On her website, Moore recommends these three DNA testing services:





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