LOC research sources for Irish genealogy

The Library of Congress (LOC) may not be on your short list of places to visit to conduct research, but its guide could help you at many other large libraries.

An IrishCentral article recently highlighted a small-but-useful guide “prepared primarily as an aid for those researching Irish genealogy and local history at the Library of Congress.” Here’s a link to the article: www.irishcentral.com/roots/genealogy/How-to-research-your-Irish-genealogy-using-the-Library-of-Congress.html

We increasingly tend to think only about online sources. Don’t overlook books and libraries as important resources for research. The IrishCentral story supplements the LOC guide by recommending specific titles in each category.

You’ll note that Brian Mitchell is mentioned twice as author of important genealogy books. Mitchell will be one of the featured presenters at the Celtic Connections Conference scheduled for August 5-6, 2016, in Minneapolis.


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