‘Early bird’ rate for 2016 UHF conferences

The Ulster Historical Foundation (UHF) has scheduled two “Tracing Your Irish Ancestors” conferences for 2016 – Summer (mid-June) and Fall (early September). ‘Early bird’ registration ends 31 January 2016.

If you read the most recent issue of The Septs, you’ll recall Sue Kratsch describing the time she and Ann Eccles spent at one of the 2015 UHF conferences. They enjoyed the expert guidance and research opportunities offered. Lucky for them, the timing of the September 2015 UHF conference allowed Sue and Ann to tack it onto IGSI’s tour of Ireland, and Sue’s article is entitled “Two Irish Trips in One.”

If a visit to Ireland is in your sights for 2016, why not make two trips in one and schedule it to coincide with the Belfast conference? Read more about the UHF program here: www.rootsireland.ie/2016/01/family-history-conferences-2016-early-bird-registration-offer-ends-31st-january-2016/.

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