What’s in a name?

The first 2016 issue of IGSI’s quarterly journal, The Septs, became available earlier this month. The theme: “Surnames and Given Names.”

You’re missing the boat if don’t read the feature articles:

Irish Surnames as Historical Evidence by John Grenham

Working with Names by Lois Abromitis Mackin

Irish Forenames by Sean J. Murphy

Irish Surnames by Brian Mitchell

Exploring Irish Surnames at the Irish Times by Kathleen O’Malley Strickland

Names and Database Searches: Not as Easy as You Might Think by Dwight Radford

IGSI’s New Surname Search Function by Bob Zimmerman

100 Years Ago and More by Sheila Northrop

I also recommend another article – one with lots of facts about the upcoming conference – Celtic Roots Across America (August 5-6, 2016, in Minneapolis). Two of the writers named above, John Grenham and Brian Mitchell, are among the five “super-star” genealogists who will be making presentations at the conference.

Editor Ann Eccles and Managing Editor Tom Rice publish a high-quality journal every quarter.  Themes of the four upcoming issues are Methods in Irish Genealogy, Internet Updated, Ireland 1916-1922, and DNA.

So how do you get your copy of The Septs?

  1. Join Irish Genealogical Society International (IGSI) as a regular member, for only $30 per year, and The Septs will be mailed to you each quarter;
  2. Join IGSI as an electronic member, for only $25 per year, and get online access to The Septs;
  3. Purchase individual copies of the journal for $10 each.

Once you’re an IGSI member, you can access all issues online.

Join today: www.irishgenealogical.org/page/join.

Here’s a tidbit about the conference, not previously made public: a total of five names mentioned above will be presenters. Who are they? Stay tuned for more information.

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