Bad-news start to February

I awoke to find my regular Monday-morning email message from Clare Roots Society (CRS), but this one carried a sad message. John Grenham is leaving the Irish Times, and today’s column is his “penultimate” according to CRS.

The first thing to do is shake off sleep and remember the meaning of “penultimate”: second-to-the-last. Oh no!

Then, going directly to Grenham’s website, I confirmed the bad news. The Irish Times is eliminating a page of the newspaper to cut costs, and Grenham’s column happens to be a victim of the move. His last column there will be published February 8.

Now fully awake, I sped to Claire Santry’s website for more details. Grenham’s Irish Ancestors database, hosted by the Irish Times website and used frequently by researchers, must also find a new home – possibly “April-ish” on John’s existing website.

Read more here:

And here:

As usual, Grenham’s Monday article carries helpful information relevant to anyone with an interest in Irish genealogy. Enjoy every word of his penultimate column here:


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