Precise dates on Griffith’s Valuation

Although John Grenham’s columns are no longer published in the Irish Times, we can continue to read his tips and witticisms at a different website, on his blog.

This week’s posting provides valuable guidance enabling us to date Griffith’s Valuation entries with precision. Griffith was meticulously accurate in recording property ownership, and his assessments were published between 1847 and 1864. The precise date of publication is particularly critical to family historians reviewing the records 150+ years later. As Grenham says, “If your William Burke was in Boston in March 1856, that can’t be him in Castlebar on January 26th 1857.”

The publication date is printed on the title page of each volume. A simple matter except for the fact that Griffith’s Valuation is comprised of 301 volumes, each with up to 500 pages. Grenham describes an easy way to get to the title page for Griffith’s Valuation searches accessed via Askaboutireland.

Read his February 22nd posting here:


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