Rootsweb: where my search began

Rootsweb is where it all started for me, and I’ve been saddened to read about recent technical problems and loss of data. I vividly remember the Saturday morning in March, 2008, when I queried Rootsweb after looking through old photographs that had belonged to my paternal grandmother.

That’s when I first encountered the possibility my Stahl ancestors had arrived in America nearly 300 years before. A Rootsweb family tree indicated a second-generation-American-born Stahl married into the McKlveen family in Pennsylvania in about 1812. Names and detailed citations were there on Rootsweb, documented by a woman named Janet who’d started family history research many years earlier. I’m indebted to Janet and to Rootsweb for boosting my interest in genealogy.

During the intervening eight years (how time flies!), Janet and I have shared our facts and findings. I descend from Elizabeth McKlveen Stahl (b. 1792), and Janet descends from Elizabeth’s brother, John McKlveen (b. 1782). Both John and Elizabeth McKlveen were supposedly born in Ireland although proof remains illusive.

A cousin genealogy table like the one below helps accurately describe how two people are related. Janet and I share the common ancestor, Henry McKlveen, our 4X great-grandfather. Janet’s direct line is shown horizontally across the top; my direct line is shown vertically at left. We are fifth cousins.
















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