Irish Family History Centre opens May 7

Going to Dublin soon? Here’s an attraction to add to your “must-see-and-do” list. 

EPIC Ireland will open its doors on May 7 in the Dublin docklands area, and the Irish Family History Centre (operated by Eneclann) will be an exciting way for Irish visitors to learn about their heritage.

An announcement which appeared in the latest Eneclann Newsletter can be read here:

There may be a bit of a lull in blogging over the next few days. My husband and I are on the road again, heading to South Dakota where we’ll do a little spring maintenance on my old family farm/ranch. We’ll be seeking out noxious weeds – thistle and wormwood sage – in the pastures. Last week I successfully completed the online test for my “certified private pesticide applicator license” so I can legally spray nasty chemicals on those pesky weeds. Too bad my agricultural skills won’t help me achieve genealogist certification. :-)

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