Love those waving green leaves!

I popped into and found a new hint, one of those waving green leaves.

The new hint helped me solve a mystery about the family of my husband’s great-grandmother, Rose Rowan, born in County Mayo in about 1841.

The Rowan parents, Michael and Ann, brought their nine children to America in 1847. On the way to Minnesota, they lived for a time in New York and then Illinois. Their surname was spelled “Ruane” in Ireland but shows up as “Roan” and other variants by the time they reached Dakota County, Minnesota, in 1856.

However, no Minnesota record is found regarding one of their daughters, Mary, born in Ireland about 1833. I assumed Rose’s older sister Mary had either died along the way or married and stayed behind with her husband.

Today’s waving green leaf told me “Mary Ruanne married Thomas Rush on 23 Feb 1851 in Kane County, Illinois.” Now I had a valuable married surname.

One of my favorite sources for researching people in southern Minnesota is And sure enough, an 1882 Dakota County History bio I found there confirmed Thomas Rush had married into the Rowan family (although the year of that marriage appears incorrect):

Thomas Rush, a citizen of Green Vale Township, was born in Ireland in 1831. Came across to the new world in 1850, and after a residence of ten years in different parts of the Union, located in a farm in Green Vale Township, here he has since resided as a tiller of the soil. Married in 1854 to Miss Mary Rowan, who died three years later, having borne him three children. His present wife is Miss Mary Gunderson, married in 1859. Frank, George, Annie and Ellen are their children.

What’s more, Dalbydata shows Thomas Rush buried in Hazelwood Cemetery in Rice County, MN, with many of his Rowan in-laws.

The waving green leaf – and the lead to another branch of the Rowan family – was today’s gift.


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