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The Irish Family History Foundation (  is offering free searches until July 31. However, in order to take advantage of their special deal, you must have credits on their books. I’ve copied their explanation below.

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Posted 02.07.12

July Offer – Increased FREE pages of search results

From July 3rd 2012 to July 31st, 2012 is making a special offer for viewing Search Results Pages to allow you to view more Search Result Pages without using purchased credits.

Currently, you can view 10 free Search Result Pages after registration, and, once those 10 have been used, you are charged a purchased credit to view a page of Search Results.  

Within the above specified dates in July you can view Search Results Pages at NO additional charge based on the number of unspent credits in your account at the time the search is performed.

For the purpose of clarity: these free views of Search Results Pages will only be available within the dates specified. After 31st July the current viewing rights before the change will apply, i.e. one credit to view a page of Search Results, irrespective of when the credit was purchased.

For example: between the specified dates in July, if you have 75 credits in your online account, you can view 75 pages of Search Results at no charge, reserving all your credits to go to the purchase of specific records.

A detailed example:

1. A user has 75 credits in their account. This entitles them to view 75 Search Results pages at NO charge.

2. The user searches for “Peter Moloney”.

3. This locates 7 pages of Search Results.

4. If a user views the seven pages of Search Results above they would then have 68 Search Page views remaining at no charge (75 minus the 7 Search Results Page views = 68 Search Results Page views remaining).  

Each page of Search Results displays a maximum of 10 results.

Users will need to use credits to purchase and view the details of any record.

The current credits purchase options and values are as follows:

No. of Credits             Cost in Euros             Cost per Record
35 pack                       5.00                           €3.57
73 pack                       10.00                         €3.42
150 pack                    18.00                          €3.00
320 pack                    32.00                          €2.50
750 pack                    60.00                          €2.00 

If you have unspent credit in your account already you can avail of Search Results pages at no charge in July on the same terms. (One credit = 1 free view of a page of Search Results).

If you purchase any new credits in July you can also view pages of Search Results at no charge but only between the dates specified above, where one credit will also equal a view of 1 page of Search Results at no charge. For example, if you buy 100 credits on July 31st, on August 1st you will no longer be able to view the Search Results pages for free.

When you have used up your free views of Search Results you will need to purchase or use existing credits to continue viewing pages of Search Results.

Please note this offer applies to July 2012 only.

If you have any questions about this offer please do not hesitate to contact us at; ideally before you take any action at all.

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