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While checking the FamilySearch blog for news about their indexing event (a big success – 116,475 participants indexed 10,447,887 records), I picked up an intriguing piece of advice.

On July 15 a guest blogger, professional genealogist Duncan Kuehn, wrote about the different types of death information to be found in GenealogyBank’s “Recent Obituaries” collection (1977 to present). He provided good descriptions and examples of death notices, obituaries, memorial articles, and human interest stories.

But my reaction mirrored those who commented on the blog. The three comments went like this:

1) “Is this an endorsement of GenealogyBank? Is FamilySearch associated with this fee service site?

2) “FamilySearch and GenealogyBank are partners.”

3) “There is an index to the GenealogyBank collection on Family Search. The index does have images attached so that the full obituary can be read without leaving the Family Search site and without a fee if you are signed into your Family Search account. The index is located here:

That isn’t exactly what I found. When I signed into FamilySearch and researched some names, I discovered the images were not available without going to GenealogyBank (subscription site). However, there were valuable details in the “Relationships” column, further clarified if you click on “Details.”

Not only are the names of the deceased indexed, close relatives mentioned in the obituary are also searchable. The “Details” tab is rich with information about the deceased person and surviving relatives.

My recent projects have involved looking for living descendants. I subscribed to GenealogyBank for a while but was disappointed by infrequent “hits.”  The FREE FamilySearch obituary collection appears to be a good alternative.

Kuehn’s blog posting, “Valuable Genealogy Resource: Recent Obituaries Collection,” can be read in its entirety here:

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