First-hand tips about indexing

One of our loyal readers shared her experiences with transcribing/indexing for FamilySearch:

I am transcribing Ireland’s marriage records for family search. I just finished a bunch of Presbyterian records, at least 40 and all the ages were “21”. So for all of you folks who want to trust an age on a document, I would suggest using the age only as a possibility.

There are also birth and death records that need transcribing. So if anyone is interested in helping, we researchers have access to more BMD records online. Check out

It’s really easy, fun, and I am learning about a lot of surnames I have never heard of before. If you have any doubts about a letter or number you can just put a “?” for one that’s questionable and “*” for more than one. I read the introduction to transcribing which is enormously helpful, and there is help via phone or on the “Help” button on the header. The time period for the marriage records is 1847-1851.

It is not time consuming, and you can do one or as many as you like. Most microfilmed pages have only one entry which takes about 4 minutes to do.

Thanks, Fern – for your work with FamilySearch records and for your encouragement and advice about the process! Good tips for Labor Day!

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