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Have you read the September/October issue of the Ginealis e-Newsletter?

One of the benefits of membership in the Irish Genealogical Society International (IGSI), the newsletter is published bi-monthly and delivered by e-mail. A highlight of every issue is Kevina Munnich’s column entitled “Internet Notes.” The latest issue is especially informative, and Kevina has given permission to reprint a portion of her article here:

I think it’s too easy to believe that a missing person – one you expect to find on a census record – was not at home at the time of the enumeration or even part of the family. It’s good to check back regularly, however, as new information and new sources become available on the Internet. I thought it might be helpful to share some of my serendipitous moments.

I have the “permission to emigrate” paperwork for my great-grandfather in 1854. I found his family but didn’t see him on census until 1860, although I found other members of my ancestry. When I checked the 1855 census data, however, I found him on Wards Island (see links below!) I had been looking in the New York City census, since that was the address given in the documentation, so it was indeed an opportune find! I guess it happens: years of trying to figure something out and suddenly there the answer is!

Kevina goes on to describe several helpful New York City area resources with information about Wards Island. She also shares other examples of census records which seemed misleading until her persistent research clarified the circumstances. And all that is just a preface to her regular commentary on websites for genealogical research!

See what you’re missing by not being an IGSI member? And the e-Newsletter is just one benefit of membership! Join now and you won’t miss another issue of the Ginealis (plus we’ll see that you receive the link to the September/October issue so you can read Kevina’s article in its entirety).


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