Irish-American facts from U.S. census

The U.S. Census Bureau and IrishCentral provided the following “Top Ten Facts on Irish Americans”:

1) Nine signatories of the Declaration of Independence were Irish.

2) Two hundred and fifty-three Irish-born men were recipients of the Congressional Medal of Honor, more than the number of awardees from any other nation.

3) Over 34 million Americans claim Irish ancestry.

4) 153,248 people living in the United States are Irish-born. A decade ago the number was 250,000.

5) Almost 69% are homeowners, the highest for any ethnic group.

6) Almost a quarter of Bostonians have Irish heritage, one of the highest percentages for the top 50 metro areas by population.

7) Over a third completed higher education.

8) Median income of almost $60,000.

9) There are sixteen Dublins in the U.S.

10) Responsible for the first St Patrick’s Day in the world, which occurred in New York City in 1762.

Read Sean Dunne’s entire¬†article here.



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