Hold the phone!

Just two weeks ago I posted about an acquaintance who learned through DNA testing that her paternal grandfather wasn’t exactly who she (or her father) thought he was. I’m now learning firsthand this type of discovery might not be so rare.

Many years ago I ordered Y-DNA kits though FamilyTree DNA for my husband and for my brother. In the intervening time we’ve learned much about ancestors in the two family trees, but all facts have been developed through traditional genealogical research.

My husband has been a member of one of FTDNA’s surname projects, but we’ve never encountered a close match. Then again only 63 subjects are currently in the Hickey surname group.

Last week an email message dropped in from the project’s co-administrator with this bombshell: “In reviewing your STR matches, I note a distinct lack of Hickeys…I think it is more possible that you descend from other than a Hickey line.”

My husband isn’t concerned or even curious despite the last line of the email message: “I realize that this is a potentially sensitive issue, perhaps challenging long-standing beliefs. So you may wish to let it lie.”

I couldn’t possibly let it lie. The co-administrator recommended SNP testing, specifically YSEQ, and I’ve ordered a kit.


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