Celebrating Veterans Day

First and foremost, THANK YOU to those who have served. Today we honor veterans who have fought for our country’s freedom and peace.

And this weekend is the perfect time to do some research about ancestors and family members who’ve served in the military:

  • In a previous posting I shared the announcement about Findmypast‘s four-day free access to their military records. Read it here.
  • Fold3 is allowing their British Commonwealth records to be searched for free through Sunday, November 13. However, remember that many public libraries offer free member access to Fold3 all the time – and you can do your research from home! Check with your local library.
  • BillionGraves has added a Veteran Finder tool, a unique feature utilizing the power of GPS to locate any veteran of any U.S. conflict, branch or rank. (International records to follow.) BillionGraves has two sides to its website – free or subscription. Unfortunately, the Veteran Finder is available only through the subscription side. If you’re interested in this feature, read more at the BillionGraves blog.

And whatever you do, thank a veteran for their service and sacrifice!

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