Define your dash?

In the closing days of 2016, we begin to assess the past year and think ahead about our hopes for 2017.

“The Dash,” a poem by Linda Ellis, tells us that what’s important is the “dash between the years” of our birth and death.

A recent FamilySearch blog pitched writing a story about your life, past or present, during each week of the year. The¬†#52StoriesProject¬†about “filling in the details of your dash now, while you’re still in the middle.” To help trigger memories FamilySearch provides 12 different themes, with 12 questions for each theme.

If you’ve been contemplating 2017 goals and thinking about writing, you’ll want to read the blog posting:¬†

You may not be willing to commit to writing weekly stories about your life, but you may find motivation for other life goals by reading “The Dash”:

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