Unusual sources for Irish research

In the latest issue of Irish Roots Magazine, genealogist Elaine Hannon provided “7 Unusual Ways to Trace Your Irish Ancestors”:

1) Did your ancestor have a dog?

Dog licenses at findmypast

2) What was your ancestor like as a child in school?

National Archives school registers and rollbooks (also available through findmypast)

3) Was your ancestor one of the school children who wrote a story about folklore and local tradition between 1937 and 1939?

National Folklore Collection

4) Did you ancestor make a will?

National Archives calendar of wills (1858-1920)

5) Did you visit the county library where your ancestor lived?

Many sources available if you visit in person

6) Was your ancestor’s name reported in a local newspaper?

Irish newspaper archive

7) Did your ancestor own property/land?

Registry of Deeds, Years 1708-1929 at Family Search


More details about these seven sources plus many other articles of interest in the Spring Issue of Irish Roots Magazine (subscription required): www.irishrootsmedia.com/

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