More about the surname project and SNPs

If you’ve met my husband Bill, you know he’s a unique character. DNA testing has confirmed just how unusual he is.

A month or so ago, I blogged about the FTDNA Hickey Surname Project. (If you missed the posting or want to read it again, here’s the link:

We submitted to the recommended A12590 SNP test. The result was negative.

While Bill had been confirmed under A195, beyond that he’s “proving resistant to classification,” in the words of a project coordinator. Bill is the sole member, so far, of the 8th Hickey line to be discovered – another branch of the South Irish Hickeys.

More testing would be required to try to confirm one of the other five possibilities under A-195 (which may or may not be where he fits): A12588, A12594, Y878, Z16254, and A10641.

Another investigative option is the Big Y DNA test, which would provide results on 10 million base-pairs and 25,000 SNPs on the Y chromosome. That would tell us more about Bill’s deep ancestry as well as making a “contribution to science.” Current price for Big Y is $575. We’re waiting for a sale.

Here’s Nigel McCarthy’s picture of where Bill belongs:
















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