Spring 2017 issue is better than ever

The latest issue of Irish Lives Remembered is better than ever!

According to the foreword by Editor Abigail Rieley, the Spring 2017 issue is “devoted to diversity and the hidden histories and prejudices of the past.”

I was excited to see “rock star genealogist” Maurice Gleeson beginning a series on DNA and tracing your genetic inheritance. A hot topic covered by an international authority on the subject!

What a line-up of articles! Here are just a few titles:

  • “Finding Oscar Wilde”
  • “Frederick Douglas: An Irish Vignette”
  • “From the Rhine to Wexford: A Palatine Journey”
  • “Child Prisoners”
  • “Between the lines and through the silences: Researching LGBT ancestors”
  • “Adding rainbows to your family free”
  • “The Byrne or O’Byrne Surname”
  • “Hidden Histories: Searching for your ancestors when you’re adopted”

But wait! There’s more! You’ll want to read this issue from cover to cover: Irish Lives Remembered, Spring 2017.


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