Double your Shamrock Fund donations

The Irish Genealogical Society International (IGSI) is an all-volunteer society, and membership dues don’t cover all the costs of running the non-profit organization.

Tax-deductible contributions from individuals help us support the upkeep of our Irish book collection, publication of The Septs, and our educational and outreach efforts.

This month IGSI started The Shamrock Fund as a planned giving opportunity for those interested in supporting IGSI program growth and development. Through the generosity of several members, $1000 has been pledged as matching funds. Up to that amount will be donated to match contributions made during this fundraising campaign.

Founded nearly 40 years ago by a small group of people interested in sharing their knowledge, IGSI has since developed into a well-respected Irish genealogical society with over 600 members in six countries plus an extensive library and research facility.

Whether or not you’re currently an IGSI member, you can support Irish ancestral research – and double your donation – by making a contribution to The Shamrock Fund at


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