Endorsement for Duchas.ie

One of our readers shared a recommendation which we’re passing along to you.

Here’s her enthusiastic message about the website www.duchas.ie/en:

This was posted to a FB page I’m on for county Cavan, specifically related to a Uni College of Dublin project digitizing the folklore collection written by students throughout Ireland in the 1930’s. I found a book collection from the Townland my great grandfather Charles Cowan came from in County Cavan by doing a search on the map page. At the top of the home page are tabs including one for surnames which is fascinating! It lists all the variant spellings for the surnames found from one of the projects.

Anyway, I was so excited. I had time to read a few entries from the kids at the school in Legaginny about remedies for maladies which is fascinating. Not to mention the surname section.

If you haven’t checked out this resource, it’s definitely worth your time to do so. You can query by People, Topics, Places and Surnames – or scroll down to the bottom of the home page and select Editor’s Pick.

Here’s a blog posting about one of my first experiences on the site: http://blog.irishgenealogical.org/?p=6568.

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