Case Studies in The Septs

The April 2017 issue of The Septs arrived in our mailbox Wednesday afternoon! What a delight!

Each issue of The Septs, the quarterly journal of the Irish Genealogical Society International (IGSI), has a specific theme with related research articles. Here’s part of an enticing introduction to this particular issue by editor Ann Eccles:

Case studies offer a glimpse into the life of someone else’s family – and we all like a good story. More importantly, they share the process used in solving a family mystery, i.e., the researcher’s reasoning, the sources used, and the level of success or what new direction it offers. This issue offers a variety of case studies.

Lois Mackin looks at the question of a sibling whose name is recorded differently in varied records. Is she single, married, or just what relation is she to the Mackin family? Mary Wickersham details her search for one of her mother’s cousins. My contribution is the story of linking a specific Charles O’Connor to my line of immigrant O’Connors. Audrey Leonard offers three research situations that she successfully worked.

In John Vanek’s exploration of his Reynolds family history, he found both Catholic and Presbyterian marriage records for different generations of the family. Stepping away from case studies, Dwight Radford provides a lesson in researching Scots-Irish ancestors, noting numerous resources to investigate when following those lines. And there’s the always popular 100 Years Ago and More.

All those stories squeezed into 30+ pages of The Septs, Volume 38, Number 2! I devoured several articles before I even glanced at the rest of the mail.

In addition to contributors named above, we’d be amiss not to mention the work by Tom Rice, managing editor, and Megan McLean, who handles layout and design.

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