Another freebie offer – New England probate records

The New England Historic Genealogical Society (NEHGS) has announced an offer of free access to their 32 probate-related databases, starting yesterday (April 18) and running through Tuesday, April 25 (midnight, Eastern time).

Probate records could be the source for breaking through your research brick wall. A probate file may give names of a person’s spouse, children or other relatives, as well as clues about their financial situation.

NEHGS databases include several counties in Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Connecticut, Maine, New York, and New Brunswick (Canada). Browse the list of probate records here:  American

You can also view a one-hour webinar by NEHGS Chief Genealogist, David Allen Lambert, on “Using New England Probate Records”: Lambert provides guidance how to get the most out of probate records, with emphasis on resources available at the NEHGS library, archives and online at the American Ancestors website.

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