Irish Collection at MGS Library

The Irish Genealogical Society International (IGSI) has one of the largest and most complete Irish collections in the U.S.  Their library is integrated with the Minnesota Genealogical Society (MGS) library at 1185 Concord Street N, South St Paul, Minnesota.

I recently blogged about a new book, The Atlas of the Great Irish Famine. When I visited the MGS library yesterday, I found IGSI had added this title to its research collection. And yes, it is indeed a gem of a book!

Another recent addition to the IGSI collection is Sailing the Irish Famine Tall Ship Jeanie Johnston by Michael English. If you’ve visited Dublin, you may have seen a replica of the Jeanie Johnston on River Liffey. During the late 19th century, the original Jeanie Johnston made 16 voyages from Tralee, transporting over 2,500 emigrants to the US and Canada.  Between 2002 and 2008, the replica ship sailed around Ireland, to Britain, France, Spain, the US and Canada. Author and photographer Michael English sailed on the vessel in 2005.

Like other books in the MGS library, the Irish collection is available only for research and materials are not loaned out. You can visit the library for $10 per day. However, an IGSI membership is a much better deal! Free use of the MGS library is just one of many benefits of IGSI membership.

IGSI General Memberships are $30 per year.  With the General Membership you receive all the benefits of membership and a paper copy of our award-winning journal, The Septs, mailed to you each quarter.

Electronic Memberships are $25 per year.  With the Electronic  Membership you have all benefits except for the paper copy of The Septs.  You will have access to all issues of The Septs online.

 If you live outside the United States, you can sign up for the International Membership ($40) or the Electronic Membership. 

Here’s the link to join:


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