Reaching Out program and Fern’s “luck of the Irish”

IGSI member Fern Wilcox recently shared her success with the Ireland Reaching Out website found at She had great luck, and you could, too!

Following are a series of e-mail messages. In the first Fern is writing to her sisters and cousins about Ireland Reaching Out. The second and third messages are responses she received from her posting on “irelandxo.”

1) “Hello all,

Ireland is doing a “Reaching Out” to descendants of the Irish trying to get more tourists to come to Ireland.  Since genealogy is so big and there are millions of Irish descendants their program is literally trying to connect us with the communities our ancestors came from with all sorts of events and sounds really fun.

So I went to their website two nights ago and signed on and then signed on to the County Cavan area of the website and put in information about our Charlie Cowan and his sisters being from the Townland of Legaginny, who their father and mother was and asked if anyone had any information.  Unfortunately County Cavan isn’t yet part of the reaching out program.  So I didn’t hold out much hope.

Yesterday I worked 12 hours, was exhausted and didn’t check emails until just now…”

2) First e-mail response Fern received regarding the Cowans:

“Charles Cowan

My GG-Grandfather Peter Corr bought the whole townland of Legaginney in 1873 and at that time there were Cowans living there on the road that led up to Legaginney House which was built by him.   They were his tenants and before that the tenants of Henry Grafton, I have a copy of my GG-Grandfathers tenancy agreement and the Cowans are listed, unfortunately I am currently in rented accommmodation for the next 4 months and all my family info is packed away.   Email me direct and when I get all my info out I can send you a copy.”

3) Second e-mail message Fern received regarding the Cowans:

“Although I spent time in Legaginney on holiday as a child, I live in New Malden, Surrey, UK so not really part of the reaching out programme as such but I have a second cousin that also still lives in Legaginney but I don’t know if he knows much about the Cowans, I will ask my aunt that lives in Dublin but I am sure that I heard that there was some connection to the last Taoiseach Brian Cowen although the name is spelt differently, I will try and gather as much information as I can and let you know.”

Based on Fern’s positive experience, you may want to post something about your family on the Reaching Out website and see what happens!

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